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Our Customers Love Us

"We have had a lot of changes this year. I am happy to forward your name for future work. We had an extremely good experience with you and your staff, and I truly appreciate what you have done for us this past year. Hopefully we will stay in one place for a while, but in the meantime, I do have your name/number at my fingertips.

I am happy that we had the opportunity to work together."

Candy Doogan
AlphaMed Physicians Group

"Bill, I was out of town during the actual move so you can imagine that I was very interested to hear from the Library staff how things went. The response I got was excellent. Everyone enjoyed working with your team, they found the guys to be extremely helpful and said that they went out of their way to do extra little things to help the move go smoothly. Did someone bring in a meal for the Library staff one day? It was one of the most enthusiastic reports that I think I’ve ever heard so it sounds like a job very well done. I don’t think there was anything that you could have done better."

Phillip Wade
Morris Wade Associates

"Tim, I was extremely pleased with Jason and the entire crew. I have bragged over and over about them and the fabulous job they did. The Naval base was still talking about them early this morning.
I am sorry that there was the 1.5 hour delay. Unfortunately that is the military and there are just times that things are not a hundred percent. The good news is I am going to email some of the buyers that are planning moves and I have Jason’s business cards. I came back to Flint to discover that my management corporation just was awarded another center so we have six now. I train all the buyers, I work with all the buyers, and all the buyers follow my lead. I say all this to make the point that I will steer as much business your way as I possibly can. Please tell everyone it was great to have them working with us. My husband had a good time. And my center director is very pleased."

Adele Bosh
Flint Genesee Job Corps Center - Flint, MI

"Everything went well—very smooth. All the movers were very, very polite and considerate."

Bernadette Rodeghero
Franklin Partners, LLC - Naperville, IL