Information Technology Relocation Services

At Corrigan IOS we understand that the technology component of a corporate relocation project requires intense planning and coordinated action. Network infrastructure and peripherals must be taken down, reinstalled, and connected to newly activated circuits with minimum interruption of business processes. This process also provides an opportunity for an organization to consider the benefits of new solutions over reintegrating existing voice, data, and video technologies. Corrigan IOS single sourcing mechanism brings alliance partners who have thousands of satisfied businesses that rely on our expertise to manage their technology relocations from end to end.

Technology Relocation Services: Electronic Disconnect & Reconnect
Corrigan IOS’s ED&R Services begin at the project planning level and coordinated with your organization’s information technology relocation servicesInformation Technology professionals. Our disconnect service include the labeling, disconnection and preparation of your phones, desktop computers, monitors, printers, docking stations, scanners and other electronic devices for relocation and the bagging of all cables and small peripheral devices. Our reconnection services include the placement of all devices in their new locations, reattachment of all cables and equipment, installation of new or relocation of existing voice and data cross-connects, functional testing of all devices and remapping of computer drives as needed. We also provide disconnect and reconnect services for many of the most popular phone switches, data switches, servers, routers, firewalls, wireless access points, paging system components and A/V systems equipment.

Data Cabling Services
Corrigan IOS and our partnership alliances offer a wide variety of Low Voltage Cabling services to customers throughout the country. Corrigan IOS project management will plan your organization’s cabling &wiring project for an easy, on time project completion. Professional cable and wiring installers will work around your business hours to ensure your satisfaction. Our dedication to customer service and goal attainment is unmatched as we strive to best align business strategies with business technology.

High Voltage Electrical Services
Corrigan IOS and our partnership alliances with local and national electrical service providers who are equipped to manage all of your commercial building electrical requirements at every level—from multi-million dollar new-build projects to minor electrical installations and repairs. At each and every commercial level, our goal is to create a commercial electrical system that insures safety and energy efficiency, while at the same time equipping work spaces for maximum productivity today and as needs grow over time.

Information Technology Storage
Corrigan IOS offers humidity controlled and climate controlled storage systems. technology relocationThrough our national warehousing partnership alliance we can supply warehousing systems to provide dry air to keep your technology assets in a lower humidity setting than normal climate controlled warehousing. Help us understand your IT Storage needs and Corrigan IOS will indentify a solution, locally or nationally

Information Technology Recycling
Through alliance partnerships Corrigan IOS helps its customers by performing a number of technology recycling/salvage services, including IT Asset Recovery, Data Wiping, Electronics Recycling, Data Destruction, Electronics Disposal, E-waste Disposal and E-waste Recycling. Our national partner’s E-Waste Disposal and Recycling is R2/RIOS certified, giving you peace of mind that materials are recycled in the most environmentally sound manner. Our national partner’s Data Destruction procedures are certified by NAID, and includes wiping hard drives per DoD specs, protecting you from liability. Your Corrigan IOS project manager can help bring our partner and your IT professionals together to further expand our single sourcing service model

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